Friday, March 1, 2019

Day 2 Recap of RootsTech 2019

RootsTech 2019 is speeding by so fast. Yesterday was a very full day.

Ancestry sponsored the keynote session. Some of the key features that were rolled out are tags for DNA as well as incorporating into search results using OCR software. The star celebrity for the keynote was Patricia Heaton. She shared a lot of stories about her family. I really enjoyed seeing the reveal with all of the different Catholic records that were found on her family. It was a nice tie-in to my lecture later that day.

Speaking of Catholic records, I lectured for the first time at RootsTech. It was an unforgettable experience (definitely a bucket list item that I had on my resolution list). The attendance was awesome and I received great feedback. I'm lecturing again tomorrow (Saturday) at 3 pm if you missed my first lecture.

Last night I had the honor attend the FamilySearch VIP dinner for the first time. I It was a great networking opportunity to talk with others in the industry and share stories. I talked about my paternal grandfather who was a World War II veteran at our table.

To end off the night, we had our annual NextGen Genealogy Network meetup. We had approximately 50 people coming by. It was one of our largest gatherings. Thank you to everyone who came out and showed your support. We can't wait to do the next meetup at another conference near you.

Update: I also attended the Ancestry luncheon where they showed a video "Railroad Ties" of bringing back people who were descendants of people who fled to freedom during the Underground Railroad. It was a really emotional video.

Here's some pictures from yesterday:


  1. Loving the photos and reports. Congrats on your successful lecture!

  2. Regarding Catholic records, during the 1st half of the 1900's, in addition to First Communion,my Catholic received Solemn Communion in 8th grade. Solemn Communion was the more "important" event.