Thursday, February 28, 2019

RootsTech 2019 is Under Way!

RootsTech 2019 kicked off yesterday officially. I love this community of genealogists. You feel the energy of everyone coming together in support of documenting our family histories and helping others find their stories.

I've been here since Monday afternoon prepping for this great event, spending several hours at the Family History Library. Lecture is finished and ready to go and it includes some recent discoveries. I'm lecturing on Roman Catholic Church Records in Room 155B today at 3 pm. I hope you can make it if you're here in Salt Lake City. 

So what's happened already? First, we had the media dinner on Tuesday where ambassadors like myself get ready and network with other genealogists and press. We're pumped up and ready to share our experiences all week long. Yesterday afternoon classes started bright and early at 8 am. The opening session with Steve Rockwood was at 4:30 pm and was fabulous. It was a historic moment to see Martin Luther III, son of Martin Luther King Jr. speak. FamilySearch donated 2 million dollars to the IAAM museum being built in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Here are some pictures from my adventures this week:

Tonight I have the honor to be attending the FamilySearch VIP dinner. It makes me so happy to see how the genealogy community has embraced me as I moved into my full time role as a professional genealogist. 

Thank you all for the warm wishes and hugs and #genieselfies. Don't forget to see me for ribbons and I hope to see many of you at the NextGen meetup tonight. 

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  1. All your photos and social media posts make me feel like I'm almost there, even though in reality I'm #NotAtRootsTech this year. Thank you!