Thursday, September 13, 2018

Ethnicity Estimate Refining: The Latest AncestryDNA Rollout

It's been over a month since I last blogged and yet it feels longer. A lot has been going on. I recently celebrated my 34th birthday.  I have some upcoming lectures for the next couple of weeks and of course preparing for RootsTech (registration starts 9/20!).

The latest BSO (bright shiny object) was the updated ethnicity estimates rolled out by Ancestry, due to an estimated 13,000 reference samples added to the database. I took a few screen shots to the show difference. I'm showing that I "lost" Scandinavia, Iberian Peninsula and a few other trace regions. My Irish/Scotland and European Jewish estimates increased and I gained Baltic States (refined from Europe East). Overall, nothing drastically different but it does line up more with the paper trail.

What updates did you notice on your AncestryDNA estimates?
Previous AncestryDNA estimate (including percentages)

Updated AncestryDNA Estimate (including percentages)