Monday, February 19, 2018

Final Countdown to RootsTech!

A week from today I will be travelling from New York to Salt Lake City for my annual trip to RootsTech. This is my second trip but I consider it an annual trip as I plan on attending as much as I can. I'm going through my final checklist of things to order and bring.

1. Updated business cards - check (Make sure you list your email address, web site, Social media handles. For bonus points, list surnames or areas you're researching on the back. I opted for areas of research).

2. Ribbons to pass out - check (This is the first year I'm passing out some stack a ribbons to highlight my blog. Come find me to get a ribbon! I'm also passing out NextGen Genealogy Network ribbons).

3. Research plan for the Family History Library - need to update (I highly recommend having a plan to make sure of the library as it's going to be crowded).

4. Outfits for various dinners and events - check (I go business casual, esp for the photo ops I want to do with speakers, etc.)

5. Comfortable shoes - check (bring sneakers if you can - it will be a lot of walking)

6. Cash - check. (Most vendors take credit cards but it's good to have cash on hand for food vendors)

7. Room in my suitcase for goodies - tight but I can squeeze a book or two in. I take advantage of the shipping center at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Depending on what you're shipping it's cheaper than checking extra luggage and your exhibit hall goodies will show up safe at home. This will come in handy if you're buying multiple DNA kits and books.

Here are some of my past blog posts about RootsTech to help you make your final preparations:

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2. RootsTech: The Wrestlemania of Genealogy Conventions

3. Prepping for RootsTech

4. It's the most wonderful time of year...for genealogists!

5. RootsTech is Almost Here

There's still time to register!

If you can't attend RootsTech, follow #NotAtRootsTech on Twitter to follow along. There are also sessions being live streamed so you can experience a lot of the same sessions from home! I did this two years ago and it was a great way to feel involved.

How are you planning for the trip?

Disclaimer: I am an Ambassador for RootsTech 2018. I provide blog posts (in my own words), and social media coverage from now until after the conference. In return, I have free admission to RootsTech. 

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