Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ancestry Genetic Communities

Today Ancestry launched the genetic communities feature for current Ancestry DNA testers.

Ancestry defines genetic communities as "groups of AncestryDNA members who are connected through DNA most likely because they descend from a population of common ancestors, even if they no longer live in the area where those ancestors once lived". My current genetic communities show below, which I previously confirmed through research to be accurate.

When you click on each genetic community, a map comes up like below showing the countries and regions where you match with other AncestryDNA users for that community. When you're on the Story tab, you can see a history overview and a more detailed timeline for the area on the left hand side. I have a genetic community in Northern Ireland, where my father's line descends from.

When you click over to the Connection tab, you can drill into your DNA matches that share that same community. I can view my matches as well as see the surnames associated with the community.

When you go to your Match List, you have the option to select which Genetic Communities you want to filter by

Clicking on the surname brings up a family history snapshot, which includes items like this surname distribution map. You can click on the different country tabs to see the number of families with that surname based on census data.

Overall, the feature has some great visuals and can filter lists (which is a god send when you're working with endogamous populations).

What have you discovered with this new feature?

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